About Us

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New name. New attitude.
Same world-class pools.

Stylish? Yes. Made to last? Of course.
But what really sets us apart?

Our unrivalled service. Our exceptional range of fibreglass swimming pools – New Zealand’s largest – and our passion to bring your vision to life.

Formerly Aqua Technics, we’ve been on the scene for over 45 years. Our award winning pools have the best tech, the best manufacturing and are purpose-built at our very own production facility.

Put simply, our custom pools look better and last longer, which makes them the best.

That’s why we’re New Zealand’s No. 1 seller and installer of superior fibreglass pools.

Eight reasons why our pools are the best.

N°1     Superior Strength

We utilise a revolutionary process that skilfully infuses graphene nano technology into every pool – making them strong and built to last. Put simply, it’s the best you can get.

N°2     Exquisite Colours

Aqua Technics pools have patented Pool ColourGuard® surface technology, which resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals, offering advanced fade-resistant protection. Less fade brings more beauty.

N°3     Certified Quality

Our pools are built to code and authorised by an independent auditor, which means you can rest assured, you’re buying quality.

N°4     Warranty Guarantee

We stand by our product by giving you peace of mind with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

N°5     Precise Moulds

Our moulds are perfect. They’re designed and built to exacting tolerances. The edge beams are true, the shapes geometrically exact and the surface finish is without peer.

N°6     Largest Range

We have the largest range of Fibreglass pools in New Zealand. This means you’re spoilt for choice.

N°7     Secure Structure

The design of the 200mm edge beam means the strength is engineered into the pool. It’s structurally sound all by itself. Secondary engineering works aren’t required.  
  1. Paver sits on continuous fibreglass material
  2. Semi-circular reinforcement
  3. Resin rich layer over former for additional strength
  4. Ease of access for consolidated backfill
  5. Reinforcing steel (N12) laminated into the edge beam
  6. Triangle sub-structure designed to support all types of pavers on the edge beam
  7. New generation, high-tensile strength fibreglass

N°8     Made to Order

You order it. We make it. Each of our pools are custom built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility — the largest pool production premises in Australasia.

Five reasons to trust the team.

We’re not here to sell you a pool. We’re here to help you create unforgettable memories, memories that will last a lifetime. So let’s ensure those memories are the right ones from the get go.

N°1     Expert Advice

With over 20 years of specialist expertise and over 3,000 pools installed, we lead the field. Our team will ensure that every decision you make is an informed one, so the whole process is efficient and clear.

N°2     First Class Service with a Smile

Pool planning can be a daunting process. But it can also be enjoyable if executed correctly alongside friendly people. From choosing the pool, to preparing plans, managing consents,  excavation and hiring landscapers, we promise to go above and beyond for you. And do it with a smile.

N°3     Transparent to a Fault

No one likes hidden costs or time consuming exercises. Transparency is key to an enjoyable, efficient process. We'll keep you in the loop every step of the way. And we’ll exceed your expectations.

N°4     We'll Show You

With our very own backyard equipped with 11 different pools each in unique surroundings, we don’t need to show you pictures or ask you to imagine. We’ll show you exactly what your pool could look like and hopefully inspire you in the process.

N°5     If You Can't Imagine It, We Can

Our goal is to realise your dream. But not everyone knows what that dream looks like. Fortunately, we’re experts at listening, learning and offering solutions. From pool design to complete project management, we’ll help you discover and realise your poolside dream.

Service that soars.

At The PoolHouse, our goal is to help build your poolside dream. It’s our number one priority. And that begins with premium service.

Constructing a pool can be daunting, but not with us. We project-manage every step of the journey, providing clear options so you can make informed decisions.

Give us a call — you’ll be in good company with our friendly team of experts here to help.